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Cornish New Boys have unfortunately, as far as im aware been kicked out of the jolly's shield after making it through to the second round, for fielding an un-registered player! Well he is registered but he signed on in the league under a different name and wasnt signed in the cup as the same person, as he has 2 last names which he uses!!! DAMN.

Well all i can say is good luck to Newlyn non Athletco in the next round instead!

I understand the same thing happened to crown inn glory last year in the semis just seems very unfortunate, oh well no cup footy for another year for us concentrate on the league now i spose! :( :c:

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Thats unlucky! did you not explain what had happened?

Yeah hard luck on the New Boys but it does go like that. We have all done itin our time mate. The trick is to learn from it!

Yeh did explain it but the league were having none of it, but yeh like you say general should make us stronger and we will DEFINATELY learn from this one! :blink: :thumbsup:

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