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Anybody Watched A Friendly Yet?

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12 hours ago, 100%cornish said:

I never knew there was a Rabi playing Bluefin you must of been watching another  match the 1 i watched was a no11 payer called RAVI SHAMSI who had Newquay players chasing him all afternoon , Hope you enjoyed watching your Rabi play hope he blessed you and said you need to go to spectsavers my son 

To be fair a trip to Specsavers wouldn't be a bad idea for you after saying Jordan Bentley was playing for Parkway Tuesday evening 🙄🤣

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13 hours ago, RAPPO said:



ATT   55

Never a 1-4 game this one! Thought Bodmin were the better side 1st half and deserved their half time lead. Levi and DJ up front looked sharp and could have had a hat-trick each on a luckier day. Great finish from DJ around the 35th minute mark when he dinked a little Messi esq finish over the impressive visiting keeper. TC and Simmo rock solid at the back as usual as they have been for so many years until Simmo went off for a rest on the hour mark and that’s when the goals started to come for BMF with two in as many minutes. Ollie Chenoweth in goal looked pretty unbeatable up until then apart from one chance midway through the 1st half when their big no.9 3 yards out, kicked the ball against his own face and out for a goal kick!! Bizarre one! All been there though! 🙄 A game of 2 halves for sure! I did wonder if this was BMF southern league side such was Bodmins dominance early doors, Blazey boss Laffs was there watching first half and enquired the same to a vocal Scottish Bristolian at the front of the stand who said they had 4 or 5 out. Spoke to Gilbey, Alan & Terry before the game and Simmo during it and Bodmin had a few out as well. Great to see them all by the way, top blokes. Forget this result, Bodmin will be right up there this season on this evidence, looks like Gilbey has worked his magic again and is building a quality team to challenge. Expensive day, £4 each for me and the Mrs, £2 for the mother in law, £12 at half time but what a superb hot dog, cup tea and chips for £4.50!! 👍👏🏼 Rather give my £22 to a local team than get mugged off watching a EFL game for £30 quid a pop these days or £70 for a Premier league game!! 🤔🙄😤 Good luck to Bodmin for the season 👏🏼

Well said Rappo. Local games just as entertaining and it should mean more to watch your local side than watching some faceless load of foreigners (i.e. Not cornishmen)

If you go to Bickland Park you even get the atmosphere of a big game!

Every pound spent is appreciated too.

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On 28/07/2021 at 00:08, baldy said:

Well, I’ve been to 14 PSFs and not one has announced the teams. The heat must disable the PA systems lol.

YES. PSF No 16 (and last, I expect) and the teams are announced. Well done Trevor Ternouth at St Austell!

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