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Former Plymouth Argyle manager Paul Sturrock is hoping to get back into the game by getting a side made up of mostly 16 to 21-year-olds in to the Duchy League.

It's 14 years or so since there has been a team based in the village of Menheniot, and understandably with Sturrock in charge and after two spells in charge of Plymouth Argyle, it just has to be called Menheniot Pilgrims!

The former Scotland international is quick to point out though:“We’ve got a pitch, changing rooms, kit, a committee, sponsors, a coaching staff coming together, but we’ve got no players!”

The idea is that the team will primarily be made up of young talent and let’s get Sturrock to clarify his thinking behind the idea: “We would like them to progress as footballers and basically to get them to play higher standards and I miss taking training, I miss coaching! I’m here at home twiddling my thumbs when I could be benefitting people.”

As we all know, a lot of young boys get released from professional clubs when they are 13 and 14 and get disillusioned with the game. Sturrock wants to change this: “I’ve got coaching staff lined up, both have been experienced managers in the local game, and we will be able to add a lot to the players’ game. They’ll learn the game; they’ll learn individually and I think I can develop them quicker.”

And if players arrive, improve their game sufficient for bigger clubs to snap them up, that’s ok as far as Sturrock is concerned:”I don’t mind them coming to me for a year or two and then being gobbled up by someone else, a team that’s higher up. That’s the essence of what all this is about.”

Player recruitment is now the priority and there’s a trial game arranged for Sunday, 4th July (2.00pm), at Liskeard Athletic’s Lux Park.

To find out more about the game and Menheniot Pilgrims, contact Paul Sturrock by emailing Myotts@sky.com. Head it up “Menheniot Pilgrims” and include the following details : 1. Full name; 2. Address; 3. Playing experience; 4. E-mail address and 5. Mobile phone number.

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