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New Teams entering Trelawny League

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To perhaps reduce the number of sides that are voted in then drop out after a season or two, why don't the Trelawny League ask for a financial bond of say £250. This will be cashed and put into league coffers BEFORE a club can be voted on at the AGM. If not voted in by existing clubs, then the money is returned to the application club. If they fold in perhaps the first three years then that money stays in the coffers to the benefit of all clubs. If they are still members of the league after the first five seasons they can have the money back in a lump sum, or use it to pay affiliation fees for the next couple of seasons. If the club folds due to outside circumstances then it will be up to the league committee to decide what proportion of the bond they receive back.

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On 24/05/2021 at 11:21, The village said:

Agree with @cornishteddyboy it’s easy to set a side up. Think the league should also look at where players are coming from when setting up a new team.

It now looks like Frogpool will only have one side next season due to a a manger leaving and setting up a reserve side somewhere else. 

Where has everyone gone?

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