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C/Cup Final Result

Guest Chris B

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Guest Helston Patriot

A great game from a neutral point of view. Thought spurs played well even tho most decesions went against them. Really wanted a late chelsea goal to see some Penalties!

Thought the ref blew up for F/T of E/t at a really bad piont, if it went in would of been interesting

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Intresting if Chelsea had scored late.Your joking.That would have been a bigger robbery than Ronnie Biggs

pulled off.The rich boys from the Kings Road were beaten by the better side,if Spurs took their chances

the game would have been over after 90 mins.Spurs won it fair and square.

Great day to be a YID.

Come on Chelsea boys,lets hear all your excuses.Your supporters could not be bothered to wait until the

end to applaud the team.Did the wife have your prawn sandwiches ready for tea.Disgraceful.


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Why do Spurs have to impress people ? All that matters is,before Mr Ramos arrived,everyone was

slagging us off,because of the position we were in.Thats O.K. Because us supporters expect more than

that.Juande Ramos and his team are impressing us,and that is what matters.We are not stupid to think

we are world beaters all of a sudden.Today we won the Carling Cup against one of the top teams in Europe

apparantly.Yes we are still in the UEFA Cup,if we win it great,but today is the start so watch out the

Mighty Spurs are coming back.

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