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I have just recieved an email that League Secretary Lester Thomas has sent out.

As it effects everybody I copy it to our forum section.


Changes to The FA Charter Standard accreditation from May 2021.


Dear Lester,

We are extremely proud to have leagues and clubs like yours as a part of The FA’s accreditation programme. It’s because of your involvement and commitment that FA Charter Standard is a world leading kitemark for the game of football.

Following national consultation with people in the game it’s clear that, after 20 years, the accreditation framework needs to change to meet new demands from players, leagues and clubs.

That’s why, from May 2021 FA Charter Standard is changing to a new accreditation programme. This will continue to encourage the best possible football environments for players and volunteers and meet new demands and challenges now faced by the game.

Grow to be what you want to be

The new accreditation programme will help leagues and clubs understand what they want to be and discover what they can be.

There will be support for all accredited leagues and clubs and guidance to show how you can offer even better experiences on and off the pitch.

A place for everyone to play and enjoy the game

The new accreditation is about encouraging leagues and clubs to help create more chances for more people to play and enjoy football in England. 

A place that can last

Accreditation sets clubs and leagues up to be sustainable and built to meet the challenges and opportunities they’ll face in the future.

Support that's relevant

Accredited leagues and clubs will be able to access support which is best suited to where they are now and help them get to where they want to be. We'll recognise all accredited leagues and clubs and encourage more opportunities for more people to play. Opportunities for men, women and disability players will be recognised as well as the ability to offer football for players of all ages.

Time to get it right

Now is the right time to make changes to how we accredit leagues and clubs. However, we know you may need time to adapt to new criteria. The new framework will start to change from May 2021. Leagues and clubs will have until November 2022 to adhere to meet new criteria.

What's expected of you?

Right now there’s nothing to do other than being aware that changes are coming. In the coming months we will transition to the new framework and The FA will be in touch to help you understand what needs to be done and when to do it

Until then we’d like to thank you for the work you’ve already done toward The FA Charter Standard programme and look forward to welcoming you as part of the new accreditation programme from next month.

The League and Clubs Services Team
Grassroots Football Division

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