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First Professional Woman Manager In English Football, Is It Close To Happening?

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After sacking Mark Cooper on Monday, Forest Green Chairman Dale Vince has said he was ready to break new ground in his appointment of a new manager.That includes interviewing and potentially giving the job to a woman. This would be quite a moment for the English game in general, and another brave and innovative move from a Britain's first 100% vegan club, and one that already has a woman (Hannah DIngley) as head of their academy.

Brings up the inevitable question of how long before a woman is manager of a senior non league club in Cornwall? Can't see why it couldn't happen, and I expect if said person brought finance and player contacts with them (seemingly a major criteria) then it would be a tempting prospect for a committee to consider.

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To suggest anything less would be criminal in this day and age WOTP. Why should a women be incapable of being a good judge of a player ? Look no further than Emma Hayes of Chelsea Ladies. The MCP's will never accept this of course. 

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