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Adult County Cup Competitions for 20/21 Season Cancelled

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Received today from CCFA. Sensible decision in all fairness and 👏 for waiving next years fees



After much deliberation and consultation a decision has been taken to cancel all 2020-21 County adult cup competitions.   The youth competitions will continue.


It is understood that this decision may not be universally welcomed but it has been taken with great care and consideration for everyone involved, players, club volunteers, match officials and spectators too.  Every club remaining in each of the competitions was consulted.


The integrity and viability of each of the cups was considered in detail as were the logistics and reliance on host clubs and their volunteers for the later stages.  For the avoidance of doubt, finance was not a consideration.  With reduced numbers of clubs in each competition indicating a desire to continue and the additional complication of some of the remaining clubs either unwilling or unable to host home games the viability and credibility unfortunately became highly questionable. COVID restrictions and a vulnerable situation at this early stage of the roadmap out of lockdown clearly also had to be very carefully considered.   Each and every one of these competitions is a show-piece event for football in the County and unfortunately it became increasingly clear that this status would also have been significantly compromised.


With all of these factors and others it became increasingly clear that, whilst there was a desire to play the competitions if at all possible, the only right thing to do in the current climate was to bring them to an end.


All County Cup entry fees were waived for the start of 2020-21 season.  This will remain the case for these competitions for the 2021-22 season which we can look forward to with growing optimism that it will be able to be completed safely and in as close to normal fashion as possible.



Richard Pallot

Governance Manager

Cornwall Football Association Limited        

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