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Pratten Cup- What's The History Of It?

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On my trawls through various bits of local non league football history, the Pratten Cup competition keeps popping up. I know that it was played on a Sunday for teams in the westcountry area and that Falmouth and Saltash were both successful in it, but does a formal record of the competition exist? I have no real idea of when it started, the last season it was played for and who the aforementioned Pratten was.

Could be a greater topic here about other now defunct local cup competitions to accompany the recent defunct leagues post,

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Re: [splodge] South West Counties Pratten Cup [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

I have just found the two seasons that Falmouth Town (then of the South Western League) played in the Pratten Cup

Home v Exmouth Town Won 3-0
Home v Greenway Sports Won 2-1
Away v St.Austell Drew 0-0 (1st leg Semi-Final)
Home v St.Austell Won 1-0 (2nd leg)
Away v Bridgwater Town Lost 0-4 (1st leg of Final)
Home v Bridgwater Town Won 2-0 (2nd leg)

Home v Shirehampton Sports (Bristol Premier Comb'Div.1) Won 3-1
Home v Minehead Reserves (Somerset Premier League) Won 3-0
Away v Barnstaple Town won 4-1
Home v Bridgwater Town Won 4-0 (1st Leg Semi-Final)
Away v Bridgwater Town Lost 3-4 (2nd Leg)
Home v Cinderford Town Won 4-0 (1st Leg of final)
Away v Cinderford Town Drew 2-2 (2nd Leg)
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