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28 minutes ago, Brianmooreshead said:

Isn't it something to do with the Dockyard Apprentices ?

Yes, Dockyard Apprentices Athletic Association (or similar). They were a star studded side comprising Devonport Dockyard apprentices that reached the final of a national youth competition three seasons in a row, winning it twice at Wembley (this particular season, 74/75, included).Would think it was a friendly as the DAAA played in the P&D League and The Ashes in the South Western League.

Always love reading the adverts in these old programmes. The King Cockle in Burraton certainly brings back memories, stopped for a chip supper in there on the way home from watching my first ever professional football match. Argyle 1 (David Kemp) Brentford 0,September 1979.

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