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1 hour ago, Terry Stephens said:

Anyone know if spectators are allowed to the upcoming St Piran cup matches?

With Step 2 confirmed today as coming into effect on 12th April socially distanced spectators will be permitted from that date as detailed in the link at the bottom of the page that Dave has provided the shortcut for above.

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Latest from the FA.

Please see attached our final press release for our updated FA step two guidance, which comes into effect on Monday 12th April. This is under embargo until 5pm, 8th April when we will publish on FA.com.

There are two areas in the Government guidance that are reflected in the FA’s guidance which we understand may cause some confusion and we wanted to draw these to your attention and offer our support in helping you to deal with any queries:

  • Firstly on spectators, the Government confirmed in their newly updated guidance yesterday, that the position is that no spectators are allowed until step three – apart from in public places because they recognise you cannot stop someone from watching a recreational game, if they are legally there in a group of six or in two households. This position is effective immediately, as part of step one b, which we are currently in. We understand this is different to the position communicated in our step one guidance and is likely to raise some questions. We have been clear that the Government’s roadmap is subject to change and when this happens, it is necessary for us to update our FA guidance too, which is the approach we have taken.
  • On outdoor hospitality, it has been confirmed that while there can be no spectators on private land, there can be outdoor hospitality (as long as its following all government rules), even if there is a game on at the time. Again we appreciate this may cause some confusion however Government’s position is that while spectators are not yet permitted, they do want clubs to be able to generate revenue like other hospitality venues, so as long as people are there to primarily enjoy the hospitality, then this is fine.

We will enter step 2 on the 12th April and then step 3 will be no earlier than 17th May.

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