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5 teams from the duchy league have agreed a mini league competition starting tomorrow the 3rd April. 
Teams entered are 

Alternun, Calstock, Gunnislake, Lifton and North petherwin. 

Tomorrows games are

Alternun vs gunnislake (two teams that would have been competing for the duchy prem crown. 

Lifton vs Calstock 


We have cleared this with the Ccfa to make sure they are happy. 

I will update results and what games are on where in this thread. 

it’s good to get back playing 😊

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9 hours ago, captainmarvel said:

Ive heard of a few other teams that said yes to playing. I guess they chose who they wanted in the mini league


9 hours ago, Lowds4 said:

I thought Saltash United were interested in this aswell? 

hi guys this was an invite league started by lifton to keep travel to a minimum. We had 6 teams but one pulled out. (Anymore and it would have been too many games)  It’s not associated with the duchy league in only the fact all the teams play in the duchy league. 

Today’s results 

Gunnislake 0-1 Alternun 

charlie wevill

Lifton  1-3 Calstock 

Lifton scorer

Jake Murrain 


Jason ridgement 
Own goal 
Christian Thorpe 

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This week’s results 

Results 10/4/21
Gunnislake 5 - 1 Calstock 

Gunnislake scorers

liam raglan, joe wakenshaw x2, Nick Beman, Ben farrar

Calstock scorer

Mike brown 


Altarnun 5 - 2 North Petherwin

Altarnun scorers

Tom Hancock, Sam Smith, Mike Turner, Josh Smith, Toby Knights 

North petherwin scorers

Jack Digby x2

This means the standings are
Altarnun Pl 2 Pts 6
Gunnislake Pl 2 Pts 3
Calstock Pl 2 Pts 3
Lifton Pl 1 Pts 0
North Petherwin Pl 1 Pts 0

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