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You can't believe it

In the Irish Republic, spectators are moaning about lack of goals and skill in local football so the Irish FA have come up with something they want to trial next season in non league foorball over there.

They have set up a deal with one of the big football producers and every local league to use the same newly designed football. 

To try and bring in some skills like running with the ball, curling the shot around the wall, etc, the football manufacturers have agreed to randomly make the footballs so one side is just a tiny bit heavier than the other half. There will only be a couple of grams difference between each side. 

This will make the balls move in a slightly random way while playing football, thus players will have to improve their skills, even goal keepers as, and I quote they have to be "on the ball". 

If after a couple of seasons they see an improvement in skills and number of goals scored then it "might" be introduced into Irish professional football.

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