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Teams That Have Changed Their Kit Colours

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After reading a post on the Cornwall Football Memories, had remembered that Liskeard Athletic only became the Blues in season 1976/77 when they changed to their current kit colour as previously they had played in maroon and amber. The only other Cornish teams that I can think of that have changed their kit colours are Truro City (black and red stripes to all white) and Bodmin Town (all yellow to all white), have there been others?

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37 minutes ago, Keith B said:

This should be interesting and the reasons why perhaps ?

In the professional game this has really bugged me. I suppose I don't like change - especially if it's change for change sake, or, at the diktat of sponsors. 

Fear that the Truro City change to all white was probably something to do with Real Madrid like delusions on the part of Kevin Heaney. Pretty sure that this change of colour has always been unpopular with elements of City followers ,didn't it get pretty nasty/petty at one point with fans being ejected from Treyew Road for wearing the red and black shirt?

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14 hours ago, Keith B said:

That's interesting. Why would they have been ejected for wearing red and black ? Surely you can wear what you like to a football match. Must be more to that incident ?

One for the Truro Independent Supporters Association (TISA). It was a really hot topic on here several years ago.

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On 09/03/2021 at 11:37, Keith B said:

Taking this subject outside of Cornwall again - I was reading that Blackburn Rovers have changed their shirt pattern two or three times, but always kept the blue and white as worn today.

In 1894 they played in blue and white quartered shirts, but with the back of the shirt in blue and white halves. The red badge was introduced some time in the mid 1800's. I'm sure I remember them playing in quartered shirts when I was a boy. The quartered fronted shirts were changed to today's design, some time in the late 1950's it seems ?

I know - but it keeps the forum ticking over chaps !

I remember Mullion playing in Sky Blue in about 2970 before changing to their traditional red and white shirts. I also recall Culdrose, usually in pale blue, wearing red and black. eAF St Mawgan at different times, wire both yellow and white strips instead of their traditional blue and white.st Dennis, normally all blue, switched at one time to green:  I recall St Just once having to play there wearing a weird yellow and purple change kit with no numbers on it. Penzance, one season, wore a very fetching pink kit under the guidance of the late Mr Mewton. St Day, usually in yellow, had a season in red and white stripes after being gifted a kit. Though Carharrack normally wear red, they were in diagonally divided orange and black when St Just beat them 9-2 in the 1970s. While the Tinners' early rules, which I re-wrote, stated that the colours should be predominantly green and black, the 1894 team wore red and green squares. Variations between black and white for shirts and socks have occurred. Various stripe designs including green, black and occasionally white have been incorporated. 

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3 hours ago, isaac rosenberg said:

I know  Always been a millennium ahead of my time, the Galileo of Cornish football. Or maybe more like Fiver from Watership Down. Talking of rabbits, have they hollowed out enough bunkers under the St Ives pitch to host the world leaders' summit safely now ?

Isaac...you're getting better with age...laughed out loud on the bunker bit.

Keep them coming...YO!

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