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So promotion may appear to be back on the table- both in and out of the SWPL.

Applications from last season still apply

Braunton FC


Newtown FC

Penryn Athletic 


And new this season

Bude Town

Okehampton Argyle 

Ottery St Mary

Truro City Reserves (assume @Parkway) 

So if the FA do promote 4 teams up as is possible, then its upto 4 in. 

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Everything is a bit up in the air regarding, well, just about everything regarding this season's league placings and next year's structure. In the case of Truro City Reserves and if they are successful in their application, just don't think there will be the capacity for a third side to play home matches at Parkway's Bolitho Park. Personally, I would like to see them play their matches in West Cornwall in order for them to keep a presence in the county during the transition to the new ground, not sure where though or if the Peninsula League would allow it.

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11 minutes ago, Postman Pat said:

Don’t see how Truro City can just jump into a league when other clubs have worked hard on ground improvements and football squads to reach that stage. But then I suppose money talks.

I quite agree PP, since when have new entities been allowed to jump straight into senior football without an apprenticeship in the lower leagues, particularly when they’re up against teams who have done it the hard (proper) way! What happens if they don’t get in? Have they applied to join any other leagues, or will they fade away and try again next year?

Agree with you too WOTP, absurd to try to cram another team on to your pitch. They should apply to the Trelawny league and take their chances on a pitch at Malpas!

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I think if its like other teams, Truro City could be allocated a space if some applications fail. Given i think the clubs need a Grade H with 12 months to promise to improve, that should certainly see Bude, Penryn and Hayle easily in (Bude having been old SWPL W in last season and Penryn/Hayle also been in SWPL W. 


If (and its a big IF) this year the FA promote 2 teams then I'd say its 2 those. Depending on where Truro decide to apply to play then they'll be ground checked. Parkway don't have a reserve side so we'll see if this a "joint" venture. 

Applications for the East division is much more congested (add Uni of Exeter into the mix) and you its 2 from possible 6! 

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20 hours ago, Paul said:

Did they not start in the west division? 

I dont like seeing reserve teams in the top division in Cornwall personally. They dont hang around long.


22 hours ago, Footy follower said:

Plymouth argyle reserves did previously so it can and does happen

But Plymouth Argyle had a reserve side. And Truro got rid of theirs a few years ago. Why should they be allowed to just start a team 6 or 7 leagues up from the bottom. Also where are these players coming from. Clubs are struggling to keep players now, so by making a new team in a congested area is not going to help those clubs. Or will they also come from out of county.


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If promotions and relegations were to go ahead - which seems unlikely but not impossible - there is a set procedure for deciding upon successful candidates. Truro could really only fill a vacancy, if one existed. Remember also that there is no set boundary for East & West divisions, so would not necessarily mean 2 clubs from Cornwall and 2 from Devon. The 4 highest finishing applicants over both divisions, with the relevant grade grounding would be promoted. All speculation could well be scuppered by null & void, or a roll over!

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