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As mentioned in another posting Lester Thomas of illogan has been given some items relating to football, with all money raised going to the club. 

He has sent me a letter listing the items, which I have repeated below. 

Please contact him, not me, and offer a reasonable price for anything you want.

I am going to bid for Item no 22.

Lester Thomas

37 Roseland Gardens


TR15 1PX

01209 219239



  1. 1967 FA Cup Final Souvenir of Players Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur

  2. 1968 Publication of Players for Reaching the FA Cup Final (WBA)

  3. 1968 FA Cup Final Programme, Everton v West Bromich Albion (2 available)

  4. 1970 World Cup Programme of Teams and Players (x2)

  5. 1970 FA Cup Final Programme Chelsea v Leeds United

  6. 1971 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v Liverpool

  7. 1972 European Championship Quarter-Final England v West Germany

  8. 1972 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v Leeds United (x2)

  9. 1973 FA Cup Final Programme Leeds United v Sunderland

  10. 1974 FA Cup Final Programme Liverpool v Newcastle United

  11. 1975 FA Cup Final Programme Fulham v West Ham United

  12. 1977 FA Cup Final Programme Liverpool v Manchester United

  13. 1978 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v Ipswich Town

  14. 1980 FA Cup Final Programme Arsenal v West Ham United (x2)

  15. 1981 FA Cup Final Programme Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur (x2)

  16. 1982 FA Cup Final Programme QPR v Tottenham Hotspur

  17. 1988 FA Cup Final Extended Programme Liverpool v Wimbledon

  18. 1944 Booklet “Football Thrills” Notes on different clubs

  19. 1966 and 1967 “Tiger” Roy of the Rovers Annuals (x2)

  20. 1971-72 and 1972-73 Football Encyclopaedias (x2)

  21. 1954 Book by Gil Merrick (Birmingham City goal keeper)

  22. 1934 Book “the Football Encyclopaedias” History of the Game

  23. 1971 Autographs of the WBA players (x2)

  24. 1964 Book of Soccer Who's Who

  25. 1967 Book on the International Way of Various Players

  26. 1968-69 Topical Times Football Book

  27. 1970 Clipper Annual on Who's Who in Football

  28. 1970-71 Brook Bond Book of Football

  29. 1971-72 Goal Football Annual

  30. 1973 Shoot Quiz and 1973 Shoot Annual (x2)

  31. 1973 Question and answer Book on Football

  32. 1974 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual and Who's Who in Football (x3)

  33. 1975 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

  34. 1976 Shoot Annual

  35. 1977 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

  36. 1978 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

  37. 1979 Shoot Quiz, Shoot Annual (x2)

  38. Football and Sports Annual, unknown age

  39. 1960's All Stars and Football Book

  40. 1984 Guiness's Soccer Who's Who

  41. The Big Book of football Champions (x2)

  42. The World Book of Football Champions

  43. Redruth County Grammar School Magazines 1963-64, 64-65, 65-66, 66-67 (x4)

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