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I've started a new thread because I didn't want to stray from the women in football post , but my comments relate to some of the points raised in that post .

Watching Wolves versus Leicester I noticed how the commentators justified the constant fouling of Adama Traore  by saying it's the only way to stop him , take a booking for the team . This happens to other players in the league as well , where a promising attacking run is stopped by a cynical foul . It crossed my distorted brain  during the game that the rule makers ,  who I constantly refer to the Marx Brothers ,( no insult to the Marx Brothers intended ), instead of coming up with silly handball , offside , accidental foul rules that few people understand , would be far better off if they introduced a sin bin system . My idea is that if a player intentionally fouls an opposition player who is on an attacking run in order to prevent the attack , should be sent to a sin bin for 10 minutes . This would be different to  stopping a goal scoring opportunity  red card rule , in that the player need not be the last man .

Just an idea ? I know that there will be nearly 6000 people disagreeing .

Keith , regarding the Millwall thing I'm reluctant to give the story in case it offends BUT . Some of the fans boing was their displeasure at the hypocrisy over an event that happened in the USA yet no one seems to care about the almost nightly stabbings in major cities over drugs and the promotion of violence through rap music  in this country .

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Sin bin...would like that a lot.

Cheats and divers... tossers, and it's now part of a training session no doubt. 

You only go down when you're knocked down in my world.

Rap music...oh dear! I once told my grandson to take a tape out he was playing as it was ridiculously violent and racist...not in my car boy he was told.

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Just a comment from a Wolves  fan on the Leeds game on Friday . A pleasure to watch , not because Wolves won , albeit with a fortunate goal ,  but end to end and played in a good sporting spirit by both teams . 

People of the age group of myself , Older and Keith will always look back to the unpleasant days of Revie  when Leeds were one of the top dogs . Hopefully Bielsa will  help the memories of that unpleasant era  disappear .

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On 22/02/2021 at 06:59, Keith B said:

Revie - yes. he had a good footballing side, very exciting to watch. Alan Clark, Jon Giles, Norman Hunter, Peter Lorimer, Gary Sprake (keeper). In Sprake's autobiography, he tells of how Revie paid him to throw a match - one that Leeds were odds on to win by miles ! 

I think Revie let money become his god and that love for money destroyed him in the end. Love him or hate him, Revie's Leeds United were a fabulous team to watch. When they were attacking you could feel the tension rise in the ground. I saw them live (in the mid seventies ?) at West Ham and Arsenal, thrilling to watch. Agree about Bielsa, it would be good to see a great Leeds United again. Don't know if we will though. 

Don't know if you have read the Damned United Keith. Gives a good insight into the  "us against the world" and "don't let the bastards grind you down" feelings  that surrounded the Leeds United team of that era. A great side, but just how good could they have been if they had taken the handbrake off? 

During the many hours of lockdown boredom, watched the 1970 FA Cup Final between Leeds and Chelsea. Can be described as mixed martial arts with the occasional out break of football.

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1 hour ago, Brianmooreshead said:

There was pre season tournament in the early seventies called the Watney Cup and another called the Texaco Cup

Im sure one of those competitions experimented with no offsides

Didn't know that. The NASL (New York Cosmos and the rest) had a line 35 yards out, it was between the penalty area and the half way line. You couldn't be offside before reaching that part of the pitch.

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