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If you are interested please email Lester Thomas, not me.
Recieved this message re some footballing items, so thought I would pass it on.
"Paul: I have acquired approx.. 50 souvenir items of football interest including cup final programmes from the late 60`s 70`s & 80`s---world cup items---football encyclopaedia`s—and various football books of interest including shoot quiz & shoot annuals. I was wondering if you knew of anybody that might be interested in any of these items ( they are in good condition). I have made a printout of everything in this collection and could send you a copy if you wish. These were handed to me via a illogan r.b.l. football connection and any money raised would be donated to the club. Lester."
Lester can be contacted lesterthomas1710@hotmail.com>
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