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WINTER SURVIVAL FUND : For information to any Club in Steps 3 to 6 of the NLS

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From the FA Re : Football Winter Survival Fund
For Steps 3 to 6 of the NLS

We can now provide further information in regards to the Winter Survival Fund announced by Government, in relation to Steps 3-6 of the National League System.

Steps 3-6 will receive up to £10 million in grants to protect the immediate future of these clubs over the winter period. Government have announced this formally today.  Grants will be distributed via the Football Stadium Improvement Fund (FSIF). 

Eligible clubs can apply for support to help with key expenditure such as lease or mortgage payments, debt or loan repayments, utility costs, insurance, essential pitch and stadium maintenance, non-playing staff that haven’t been furloughed or Covid-19 compliance measures.

The application window will open via the Football Foundations website within the next 24 hours and close on 14 February.  All steps 3-6 clubs will be notified directly by the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) but we would welcome your support to encourage your clubs to apply for the grant support available.

For information, the DCMS statement on the fund can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-confirms-10-million-emergency-support-for-steps-3-6-of-the-national-league-system

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31 minutes ago, Mark said:

Yep we got that, which will pay our on going cost and bills so cannot complain but obviously only last so long.


Let's hope more funding is given towards pitches and facilities as they still need maintaining as always.


Fingers crossed, chin up, grass will start growing faster again soon!😂

+8⁰ here today, a few more weeks like that and we will be cutting the grass again...good.

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