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referees in the Premiership

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Fenman - I wonder to what extent the fact that the referees know they have VAR as a back up, relaxes them a bit, perhaps thinking 'well if I miss something VAR will reveal it and correct the situation

Looking at it from another perspective. I think that these Referees are under the spotlight a lot more now because of var, dammed if they do dammed if they don’t. And as for waiting to put the flag up

We all see things differently depending on our position.  We are not standing where the referee is, so we can't really comment on the decision a referee gives...only our own opinion depending whe

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4 hours ago, Bruegel the Elder said:

Don’t all these opinions show that we need more technology to aid hard pressed referees, not less. It just has to work! Is that too much to ask?

(I eagerly anticipate a “yes” from someone!)

The biggest question is how can they be trained? 

Consistency is the biggest thing that's required, rather than their  own interpretation of sonething. 

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22 hours ago, St Darren said:

Now they want players to clap the referees onto the pitch!!! 

Hahaha, have you ever heard such rubbish. I'm going to clap the postman next week for doing his job and getting the right letters delivered to my house. 

Is that for real or just a joke Darren. 

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