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1 hour ago, Richard Chown said:

I thought to get into the Rugby Premiership stadiums need to be a minimum of 10,000 capacity 

Yes, believe a 10,000 minimum capacity stadium is a criteria for the Rugby Premiership. Not a big follower of rugby union, but (even before COVID) the clubs were trying to ring fence the competition and do away with promotion and relegation. Not sure where that would leave any ambitions the Pirates had, even though they are a long way from being promotion candidates on the evidence of recent seasons.

In another thread, the rumours that Dave Deacon reports on about Truro ground sharing with Parkway next season could add plenty more sub plots to this long running saga.

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33 minutes ago, CornishWall said:

There won't be a stadium for Cornwall, just a ground for TCFC. Same site at langarth. 

A strange response Cornishwall since most of the impetus and finance has come from the Pirates and their business and political backers. Government and local authority money has already been pledged. Without the Rugby Union input there will be no stadium/ground or whatever. I don’t think Truro City has the wherewithal to go solo (unless you know better)!

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