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We offer this idea from the active mind of a 7 year old who is genuinely concerned that his favourite local football club may not survive the financial implications of another season being at best disrupted and at worst cancelled.
After much discussion, he asked us to put his thoughts on the forum, so in the interest of promoting young ideas here goes.
Why can't clubs issue vouchers for one match that are entrance fee value and are redeemable at any future league match, during this or next season if this season is cancelled.
On the face of it we thought it worthy of debate as if promoted successfully it would give a club SOME income to cover in house expenditure like cleaning, electricity, etc.
i,e, voucher value of entrance fee to any match say £5 redeemable at any future match, multiple vouchers = multiple matches.
The more we thought about this idea, the more we wondered if the fertile mind of a young supporter is just what is needed to keep some clubs in existence, money coming in that would be further supplemented in the clubhouse on match days.
One downside for some would be administration, but one thing we have learnt in life is that you reap what you sow, and self help is paramount if you want success.
Please remember when commenting on this idea, that it's the idea of a youngster who will be reading your replies.

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Good idea young man! Nice to see that youngsters are also aware of how tight money can be running a football club at this difficult time. It will at least be a small form of income whilst we wait for our season to start. 
Perrhaps he could design the “match day pass” and the clubs could print his tickets off to sell as it’s his idea.


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Perhaps a way to solve the issue of administration would be for clubs to set up something like a "Go Fund Me" page, where ardent fans/sympathisers can donate funds to said clubs. The voucher system is a loan system in all but name but still a good idea. One perceived problem would be that clubs may use any donations to pay players instead of keeping a club afloat so transparency would be paramount. It would be interesting to know if the clubs who have tried to implement season tickets have used these funds in times of hardship, or if they were spent long ago - season tickets were ridiculed when first instigated but perhaps that might be food for thought and not so stupid as some claimed.

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Our young friend is delighted with the comments about his idea made on the forum, so much so that his mum says it's doubtful he will sleep tonight.
The more we think about it the more we feel that with a positive attitude, clubs could make it work and achieve a limited but worthwhile income.
le boss suggests a "Go Fund Me " page which is fine if someone wants to make a gift.
The voucher system suggested would not be a loan, but a purchase that is only redeemable as an entry ticket on match days.
We admit that our opinion is going to be biased in favour of the lad, but how refreshing to have a positive outlook, and attempt to solve a problem rather than predicting the financial demise of some of our clubs.
How many will give it a try, the true club supporter will not be troubled if asked to pay in advance to help their club through a difficult time.

Finally, thank you everyone from a very happy 7 year old.

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