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Are all weather pitches under-utilised?

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Weather and coronavirus have between them caused an enormous number of postponements this year. So why aren’t we seeing games being played seven nights per week (and a couple of afternoons) on the few available C.F.A. approved artificial pitches? 
Presumably the teams want to play, and some (particularly at the sharp end of the peninsular!) could afford it (even without spectators in some cases), so why don’t we have seven night a week football (a bit like in the Premiership). I know the cost of upkeep and replacement, but the Schools, Collages and Clubs that own them could be making enough money for an upgrade next time ‘round!

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And the rest Rich. Cornwall College is £110 for a match hire (effectively 2 hours) then plus the match official, kit wash.

I see the potential and reasons why of this topic as we get games, league's, cups completed but i would say the outgoings outweigh this. What would the home players need to pay? If you have a squad of 15, say perhaps £10 each? Would you get the away side to chip in also to reduce this? Many players moan at £3-£4.

And what some don't realise is that if you get the rubber crumb staines in a shirt, they take a lot of soaking and washing to get out. So it may not just be the cost of 1 kit wash it maybe several unless you have a good kit lady/man.


Being a groundsman myself, football should be played on grass  not plastic, although it kills me when teams wreck the pitch at St Day 😂😂😂

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We played our St Piran fixture at Truro College last Saturday great facility and marvellous to get a game on!

However at £49.50 per hour (total £99) and a referee that cost £50 with no facility to host spectators or collect/run raffles to generate any income it couldn't be a financially viable regular option. 

For teams in higher leagues needing Bar income as well as gate/raffle I imagine they would struggle with the outlay v income.

We need more available grass pitches and we absolutely need access to more all weather facilities and also some way for these to be more affordable and accessible to all of us. 


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