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Best wishes for coming year

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Thanks for the new thread fenman. Can I join you in wishing all members (yes, even Leeds and BIG AL) a wonderful Christmas, as far as is possible, and a very much better New Year.🎄🎅🏼🥂🍾🎉🎁
Also I hope everyone’s team everywhere win their leagues (unlikely, I know but it is the season of goodwill to all men [women and those who identify as “non binary”])!



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Ah good I'm not the only one then !!!!!!!!!! Now the children have grown up most of , if not all the pleasure has gone . I dread the awful TV programmes with the celebrity version of everything  , the multitude of cooks and chefs telling you a million ways to roast turkey etc . . How did my mother manage ? . Worst of all the dreadful Christmas music , music that you wouldn't listen to normally . I can tolerate carols but " feed the world " over and over again almost makes me want to support Manchester United ( almost ) .The spirit of Christmas has been ruined by commercialism in my view .

Worst of all this year i can't get down to St. Austell to see the grandchildren and take them to watch Plymouth Argyle .

Must'nt get too  upset though , I'm still  breathing  so is the Mem Sahib and we both woke up this morning  so I'm grateful for that ( very grateful ) .

Back to watching the rain pouring down .

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