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Good afternoon

i have recently relocated to the south east area of Cornwall and I am keen to get involved with a non league club looking for volunteers.

I have recent experience at Boardroom level and on the commercial side at non league level 3 and 4 and currently run my own business, so can offer experience and expertise in the commercial, business and marketing areas. Ideally I would be looking to be involved at committee/board level. A full hands-on approach and commitment would be guaranteed if the right ‘project’ is available.

Please do get in touch if you have any suitable vacancies. 

Thank you. 




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Asking a lot and offering a lot. My advice to Joe would be to try the club closest to home (depending on the level of club you want to be involved with. I suspect from your post we’re talking Peninsular League) then if they don’t suit you (or vice versa) go a little further afield.

Remember, there’s loads you can do without (or before) joining the committee: Match day or ground preparation volunteering or sponsorship depending if you’re time rich or cash rich (or both!).

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Thanks to Keith and Bruegel for your responses.

Keith - Comments noted, agreed with and no offence taken ! With hindsight, I might have reworded my post, but I’m missing involvement in the game so much since relocating that my enthusiasm to get back in probably took over. 

Bruegel - Sound advice which again I do take on board. I’ll approach my most local club and see how it develops. More than happy to get my hands dirty through volunteering during the week and in a matchday and then see where it leads.

Thanks again and Merry Xmas to all who use this site.



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