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May i take this opportunity to say goodbye to all those i have tried to kick during my 15 yrs at Dobwalls. A decision i thought would never come, but has with just 2 games left.

Having been injured through a torn achilles for most of this season, i have been unable to have one last kick at a few players who year after year i have had many laughs & battles.

Off the pitch it was all so different, but on it, well im sure i will get a few replies!!!, but i have to say i have enjoyed all my times at Dobwalls playing with so many talented names. mullis, birchall, billing, twinners, barrett etc etc.

Its a pitty things werent different for what would have been my first and only introduction into SWPL, but we all have opinions, so lets hope that those who make them dont regret it next yr.

May i thank all those at Dobwalls, for all the support and committment they show week in week out.

Im sure i will miss it some where along the line, so until thank you and good night!

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Best wishes Marigold. I'm afraid that time catches up with us all in the end.

If I recall correctly I think we were centre-half partners in your first match for Dobwalls which for some reason I seem to think was at Probus in the Duchy League not long after Dobwalls had left P&D football (I may well be wrong, it was along time ago now). Who was the manager that signed you for Dobwalls, was it Red Ryder?

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Guest Dave Skews

Well Marigold season over and you say thats you finished,time will tell on that one, i have been your manager for the last 8 years its not always been good as likemyself you have your own opinions and share with the players your playing with,which they dont always take kindly to,this season has been my hardest by far having stepped down last year,and only stepping in this year untill the cub found a new manager, i will say one thing for you mate if the youngsters had your commitment we wouldnt struggle to get a side every week, hope you appreciated the gifts last night,good luck to you mate.

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It was a nice and funny surprise at that. Having in personally from you with all the years we have been a part of Dobwalls makes it more special.

My commitment is down to the desire and social side that Dobwalls has always had since i joined way back in the early 90's.

I will mis it im sure, but feel that things have started to change hopefully for the better but feel may be for the worse.And i never thought i would say that being a true Red.

I really hope the club has learnt or is learning about trying to run before they can walk. To not have a good team spirit is half the battle no matter what standard your playing.

Yes the SWPL is meant to be a better standard, yet this year i have yet to have seen it.

Who knows what lays ahead.

one thing is for sure, i hope to catch a few games when i can and hope to apart of something somewhere even if its just for a pint.

So i look forward to the presentation evening for yet more beer.

Bring on the Veteran Side !!!

So thank you Dave, thank you John Blake, Dixie,Jacko, John Dunn, gilly etc etc and all who i havent mentioned who are connected with the club

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