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Is Danny’s ‘Perfect hat-trick’ a league record?

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  • Dave Deacon changed the title to Is Danny’s ‘Perfect hat-trick’ a league record?

I can't say I've heard to much of Danny Ford, and first of all congratulations on the hat-trick.


Just a quick question.....on the Podcast he claimed to have scored 800+ "senior"/"adult" football.....according to the combination leagues archive, Mr Ford has 98 goals, according to the Limited 2012-onwards Trelawny league stats he has 138 goals where are the other 560+ goals? (230+ isn't to be sniffed at mind, credit where credits due)


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I indicated I had scored 700 mabye 800 I haven’t counted but I played also for perrenporth Truro and hayle at higher than combo for several years ....also when I meant adult goals I was also considering Sunday league and friendlies also flexi football ....rappo has 2011 bud I’m sure he hasn’t scored all of them in Saturday football Rappo is the best goalscorer Cornwall I’ll be proud to even score half that before I retire ...👌👌

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18 minutes ago, Keith B said:

Nothing like modesty is there.

Some time back Ian Wright ex Arsenal, said in a pre match chat on Sky in answer to the question - how many goals did you score in your career Ian ?  'Oh I don't know'.

The questioner, I cant remember who it was, gave him the answer. Wrighty said, 'really I haven't a clue'. Goals were his stock in trade, but he honestly had never bothered to keep a count of them - nor did he care. It was quite a few hundred.

Exactly i haven’t counted but ive scored goals everywhere I’ve played but I know I have a fair few 

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