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Teams Merging- Thinking The Unthinkable?

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Regarding the current situation at Godolphin, 100% Cornish alluded to the idea that the G and Newquay should possibly look at merging. His rationale was that maybe the town just cannot support two clubs. Do other people think that such an idea is realistic, or something to be put in a box and labelled "never"? I know that there were rumours floating around about such a thing happening between Mousehole and Penzance a few years back, and I was also looking at the struggles that both Callington and Launceston are currently experiencing (the two clubs around 11 miles apart). 

Even before COVID, funding, spectators,players and volunteers were in short supply for many clubs, it is probably only going to get worse. Would it make sense for some clubs to merge and pool resources? I know this is a very sensitive subject, especially when several clubs with rich histories and fierce local rivalries are involved.

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  • Way Of The Park changed the title to Teams Merging- Thinking The Unthinkable?

Do clubs even use players from their home town much anymore ? I bet most clubs players come from all over. Surly Cornwall big enough to handle the teams it has. It more to do with money i think. Some young lads happy to sit on a bench for cash rather then play week in week out reason why some clubs have massive squads. 

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