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Bodmin v Saltash off

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I'm reminded of last season when that horrendous isolated storm hit Priory Park which led to Bodmin v Saltash being the only game cancelled throughout the whole of not just Cornwall but Devon, Somerset Dorset and Wiltshire.

I'd be asking for the electrical quotes if I was on the league management committee.

Its laughable and not a funny one at that.

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43 minutes ago, rocky170267 said:

Plenty of time to switch the game to Kimberley Stadium, I just can’t understand why they’re allowed to get away with it every year.

As if somebody would’ve tried to put the floodlights on in the middle of the day. How gullible are the league officials

Clubs regularly test their floodlights during the day before an evening game for a pre-use check. Saves teams and officials travelling if there is an issue. OR, allows time for rectification.

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Last season was a bit different as in fairness to Bodmin the flooded pitch was caused by Highways work that diverted all the water from the road onto their pitch - I was in Bodmin that week and it was sodden. 

The lights issue, for me is different though - to play at this level you must have lights unless dispensation given. With the backlog of fixtures we will get and whatever happens with COVID the league cannot allow such cancellations. If you can’t play (other than a ref stating the pitch is waterlogged) either offer a switch or forfeit. I am not suggesting this is Bodmins fault but why should Saltash be effectively penalised. Test the lights earlier or the day before. 

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9 hours ago, leedsunited said:

Blazey done it twice, Bodmin still got one in the bag.. 😉

Guess that makes it O.K. then Leeds, if St Blazeys situation was an avoidable one for a team of their stature, what's Bodmins excuse ?
As we've said before, the league needs to have an updated statement of the condition of the facilities and equipment at  ALL grounds before the season starts.
Unforseen cicumstances such as power surges, lightning strikes etc are unavoidable, but general maintenance on site is paramount for the benefit of all concerned.
Unfortunately some small cliques put the contents of the trophy cabinet before the wellbeing of their club and its supporters, and need to be reminded of the committment required for the game to survive at this level, off the pitch as well as on.

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