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7 hours ago, Glen Patterson said:

What is the situation with giving teamsheets to referees? Do we not give them under any circumstances? Or do we still give them if the ref requests them? 

I’ve been taking a photo of both team sheets Glen as the general D&G is not to physically exchange if possible. Whilst the Combo hasn’t issued anything formally Trelawny gave some guidance a couple of weeks ago (below)


Following the meeting of the league Committee on Thursday 10th it was agreed that untill further notice, Ithat due to restrictions set by the government, FA and the CCFA that the following be observed.

1. Team sheets should be completed as per rule and retained within the team sheet booklet. No copies should be swopped at any time with opponents or match officials. 
2 Opponents can, at completion of match, insist on viewing, but not touching, a fully completed team sheet. They can also, if they request take a photo of opponents teamsheets or request a photo copy be sent to club secretary at earliest opportunity. Failure to comply could result in a fine in line with tariff set out in league handbook. 
3 The referee should be vebally informed of teams substitute players names and shirt number while observing social distancing rules. 
4 Rule 21a. must still be observed. 
5 If requested by The Trelawny League a photo copy of the relevant teamsheets should be sent to the registration secretary. Failure to comply, rule 6h will apply. 
All teams should be reminded that they must make every effort to ensure that all players, officials and spectators are kept a safe as possible at all times. Any reported incidents of clubs not following guidelines will be forwarded to the relevant authorities. 
                Gerald Munden. League Chairman
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