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Don't know what they've done to it but it is often so slow now as to be almost unusable for much of the time. When adding and trying to register a player a couple of evenings ago, each mouse click took about 2 minutes to be enacted. It took a frustrating 30 minutes to get it done (on a fast PC with a fast connection) when about 5 minutes should be the absolute maximum for the whole process. I've written, managed and used databases for many years but I've never seen such a poor example that has been constructed by "professionals". 

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It’s a National problem with Whole Game / Full time over last couple of weeks 

For Trelawny registrations , if you contact Adam Mitchell , tlreg@mail.uk with  full details including players email , d.o.b etc ASAP BEFORE game they will be ok to play .
Also advise opponents with players names as they will not appear on list when entering results .
It will then be backdated when access is available on website 

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It's been a problem for over a week now and there were issues before that that were causing difficulties.  I had the following from the FA on Wednesday:

Dear Colleagues,

I understand that a number of you have been experiencing challenges with the FA Digital systems in recent days and we would like to apologise for any additional work and anxiety this may have caused.

The primary issues have been;

  • Whole Game System speed which is slowing the registration of players for clubs and leagues. We are working hard with our colleagues in FA Digital Technology to re-balance the load on the system in order to improve performance and reduce volunteer time expended.
  • Full Time integration hasn’t been effective for some leagues. Our Digital Team produced a resolution over the weekend, which we understand has resolved the majority but not all integration issues. We will continue to work on producing a fix for any outstanding integration issues.

Thank you for bearing with us while we work through the resolutions.

49 minutes ago, Wingers shins said:

Been trying to get 4 players signed on since wednesday!  Can't even get on now😔

Surely the league will have to allow unregistered players to play tomorrow if this continues?

I'm sure the leagues will have work arounds in place as the ultimate aim is to have players playing not sat on the sidelines because of a server glitch. 

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2 hours ago, Foul Throw 3 said:

Thanks for the info Steve, makes a lot of sense. Must admit, leaving it til the last minute must be common to have caused such a halt to the system. The registration system has been live since at least July.

I'm lead to believe that a big part of the problem is that all of the FA's systems are on one server and it's creaking.  Everything seemed OK until the update to Full-Time @3 weeks ago and it's been downhill ever since. 

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