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Just had a quick look on the Tony Kempster under 'crowds' and the Peninsula League home average of 98 is the best step 6 league in the country apart from the Northern Counties East Division One and they average 100. Mind you they do have Scarborough Atheltic who average 481 per game so they really don't count. (is that the Scarborough who were in the league)

Even Division One East and West who are step 7 fare favourably. It just shows that it is very difficult these days for football clubs at our level to attract fans.

Check out


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I went to Rainworth yesterday to watch Scarborough Athletic play their away match with Rainworth Minors Welfare Afc. A good match in which Scarborough were 0-1 at half time but turned it around to win 3-1. Rainworth's average gate is about 50-80, but with the visit of Scarborough, the gate was 218.

Scarborough Athletic were indeed borne from the club that was in the 3rd Division. I saw the match when they played Chelsea only a few year's ago.

The club is still hoping to return to Scarborough to play its home matches rather than ground share with Bridlington town at present.

They are hoping that Scarborough Borough Council will rent them their old ground back to them but I don't know if this will happen certainly not this season anyway. The McCain stadium is still there but very much unloved and in poor condition.

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