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No sooner do we have the Carter 14 days affair when we have Chris Truscott signing for two clubs within a couple of days. Bere Alston waived the 7 days for Truscott to sign for Liskeard Atheltic Reserves in the ECPL but then joins Callington Town SWPL first team. No fuss, no arguing the point, Liskeard say ok and off he goes to Callington.

I think we should give the player and the clubs credit for dealing with this in a gentlemanly manner.

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I think I better explains things, especially after the embrassing headline in the Cornish Times this week!

Liskeard ECPL team put in 7 days approach for me, which was kindly waved by Bere Alston.

When contacted by Liskeard I was delightled with their interest and signed for them this Tuesday.

However I was unaware of an interest from Callington who has also put in 7 days approach.

I had a conversation with Micky Hunt the Callington manager and he has offered me the opportunity of first team football. Also a few other local lads have come back to the club this week, one who also couldnt make it into Bere Alston starting line up coincidently!.

The lure of this and coming back to my home town club after a few years with Foxhole and Bere Alston made me change my mind.

I spoke the Clive Hodge of Liskeard the next evening and told him the situation and was he completely understanding. I would like to thank him and the Liskeard committee for that, and can only appologise.

I wish them the best of luck for the rest of the season.

I hope this clears things up abit!

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Unfortunately there is such a thing as copy deadline. Which means the Cornish Times would not have received the info until after they went to print. At least you got your name in the paper for the thousandth time. Good luck back at Callington. How many goals have you got now?

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Funny how u apparently werent good enough for bere alston trucker but are to play 2 leagues higher, i feel they will regreat letting some1 like u go. All the best at Callington mate im sure u will still as always find the net serveral times before the season is out.

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It wasn't a case of Truckers not being good enough for Bere Alston, it was just unfortunate that just before Christmas he had a dip in form and was left on the bench for three games.

He was still an integral part of the squad and came on in all three games but Truckers would have to agree things weren't quite falling for him in front of goal prior to being left out, particularly at Nanpean and St Blazey.

Truckers will undoubtedly still score his fair share of goals for as long as he continues in local football, but I think that at his age he wanted to start each week which at the time I could not guarantee.

I am sure he would have forced his way back into the starting XI sooner rather than later, but understandably he wasn't prepared to wait.

The main thing at Bere Alston now is to continue to rebuild the squad with the injection of fresh young talent whilst maintaining our promotion push.

If we can do that between now and the end of the season it will augur well for the future at the club.

Needless to say, myself and everyone at Bere Alston has thanked Truckers for his services to the club and wish him well for the remainder of his career. :smiley20:

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Alright Hakey, nice to see ya still banging them in, Dobwalls of had an excellent 1st season in the new league, keep it going mate.

I enjoyed saturday's game at Mousehole, we certainly deserved something out of the game and it was good to be back at my home club.

Coach Kt not sure why you have to come on here and try to belittle me by suggesting I aint got long left, we will see about that, you never know i may out last you!

But for the records I didnt score against Nanpean or St Blazey, the latter game I should not have played in because i was ill, but just wanted to play. But going 2 games without a goal aint a crisis in my eyes. The previous 3 games from when you had join I had scored 6.

Anyway I hope this is the end of the matter because to be honest i dont think anyone is really interested and like i said before football is about opinions.

All the best to Bere Alston.

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