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Cornwall Senior Cup semi-final draw?

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Well despite the draw for the semi-finals apparantly taking place early this evening, there's still no definite news as to the official outcome.

Earlier in the competition it has been posted on the CCFA website by now. Nothing as yet, in fact on the page featuring the previous round's results, it's a little concerning to still see the following : "Bodmin Town beat Torpoint Athletic (Score not officially confirmed)". What does this mean?

So, if anyone is aware of the draw - let us all know please!

The rumour had it that Truro have drawn Falmouth, but nothing as yet on the City Forum.


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Guest Postie Pidge

It would appear to be:

Falmouth Town vs Truro City

Bodmin Town vs Saltash United (at Liskeard Tue 26th)

so I was told by a journalist, who was informed by a club official that a game has had to be cancelled because the CCFA wanted to use their pitch.

Why the secrecy when a representative from one club knew on the night and nobody else did?

Surely as a club secretary I should be informing the press of the draw, not the other way around!

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I have heard that the semi final between truro and falmouth is at porthleven. Can anyone confirm this? If this is the case why on earth is the game at gala park?? I thought that the nuetral ground for a cup game should be located between the two sides contesting the game, in this instance surely penryn would be a suitable venue??? I find it amazing how these cornish officials decide these venues. Is it a money spinning exercise or do the old fuddy duds genuinely believe that gala park is more of a central venue then penryn or maybe blazey??

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What is going on at the C.C.F.A.? As of this moment Falmouth Town have not been informed who or where we are playing in the Senior Cup. Everybody but us seems to know ie Truro's website, Cornish Soccer forum, a Western Morning News reporter( he was told by a Liskeard official). Nothing official is on the C.C.F.A. website so how do these people know??????????. Surely this is not right ? If the C.C.F.A. don't officially announce the draw on the night they make it they leave themselves wide open to justifiable criticism.

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On the question of using Gala Parc rather than Kernick Road for the Falmouth/Truro tie, I would guess that the decision was made in anticipation of a four-figure gate. Penryn have the finest playing surface in Cornwall without any doubt, but the ground's capacity can't be as much as Gala Parc's which has that huge bank opposite the stand, affording a much better view. Let's hope someone has the foresight to get that "Cornish Pig Farm" hot dog van in on the day, like Truro used for their last (really last!) Vase game and the St Blazey game. Yum! Yum! (The match should be tasty, too.)

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Don't know what time it went on, but now confirmed on the CCFA website :-

Westinsure Cornwall Senior Cup

The Semi-Finals

Bodmin Town v Saltash United at Liskeard FC on Tuesday 26th February 2008

Falmouth Town v Truro City at Porthleven FC on Wednesday 27th February 2008

Kick-Off at 7.30pm with extra-time of fifteen minutes each way if necessary. If the scores are level at the end of extra-time, a replay will be held at the same ground one week later

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Guest cornish pasty

Nugget Posted Yesterday, 09:49 PM

On the subject of burger vans, hot dog vans etc at foootball ground, should clubs be promoting this type of fast food eating. Would it not be better to have some "healthy" food on offer for fans, rather than greasy stuff of unknown origin in some cases?

the cornish pig company is not stuff of unknown origin.

if you go to bissoe you can clearly see the pigs in the fields which go to make up some very very nice food.

hope they are there for the semi-final.

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