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3 hours ago, Flabby Cabbie said:

With the SWPL announcing their fixtures can we expect St Pirans to follow suit ?

Now that I have the latest version of the SWPL fixtures I need to make my adjustments to cater for Phil's changes plus the FA Cup and Vase dates.  With the ripple effect of these changes this will take a few days to work through and check.  My aim is to have them into Full-Time as soon as possible and certainly by early next week. 

Full-Time is currently integrating with Whole Game and this can take up to 3 days to complete which will take us to PM Friday.  Nothing can be entered until that process is complete.

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The bulk of the teams will start on 5th September but there will be a few evening games on the 2nd.

In other news, the clubs were informed yesterday that the outstanding cup games will not be played.  The emphasis for 20-21 will be on the league programme and if the circumstances and available dates permit a cup competition, in a format to be decided, will be played in the latter part of the season.

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