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As part of my general lock down malaise, I have been reading a very interesting website about the history of Plymouth Argyle. One of the chapters deals with their rivalry with another Plymouth club, Green Waves. This club, that was formed in 1896 by Plymouth based trawler men, had a larger support than Argyle at the time and looked the more likely to achieve league status first. After looking at the excellent Football Club History Database, I can see that they even entered the FA Cup in 1904/5, and again in 1950/51, but they trail goes cold after this. My question is, I remember a very successful Green Waves P&D side in the early nineties which (from memory) played their matches at Millbay Park and may have had established South Western/Western League players such as Keith Manley and Mike Pearce in their line up, did they have links to this club? 

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