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Firstly, hope everyone is staying safe and protecting their families and friends. 

Eventually, we will indeed be looking at a restart of football in the County...at some stage. Clubs will he informed that they can return to training, friendlies can be arranged and grounds prepared. A date for the new season will be set and fixtures arranged. Whenever that will be. 

19/20 is over  That's a fact now. Below step 7 the FA and leagues will currently be able to discuss any rankings and/or promotions or relegations if deemed appropriate. 

But since the restart date will eventually be fixed, perhaps I can offer something as a possibility worth considering? 

The Senior and Junior Cups are down to just a couple of games to resolve. These remaining games could easily be structured into a couple of weeks to play out (like the end of a tournament), to reach 4 clubs and 2 games. 

I would like to suggest the option of a season-opener, in the manner of the old finals-day, where both games could be held as a massive fundraiser for our precious grassroots game across the county. This could be at a large ground, anywhere in the County, and be planned for once testrictions are  freed up across the land

Any and all monies raised on the day could be disbursed equally across ALL COUNTY Clubs to help their recovery  and the whole County can enjoy a festival of football celebrating the return of the game. 

Any thoughts?

Possibly a petition to the CCFA?


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