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Fifa Tournament raisng money for Treliske Staff

Dave Bartlam

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I have set up a JustGiving page to donate some goodies to the hardworking staff of Treliske Hospital.

I'm inviting FIFA players to get involved in a tournament with a £5 entry fee.  All proceeds will be going towards buying staff at the hospital goodies such as cakes, pasties, pizzas etc - all sourced from local businesses. Whilst I appreciate that there are very few confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the County, Treliske is still taking a battering and the men and women up there are working extremely hard.


If you fancy getting involved in the tournament, please get in touch with me at flexileague@outlook.com


If you don't want to get involved in the FIFA side of things but still want to donate, please use the link above.



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53 minutes ago, RAPPO said:

I’m off for a few days now Dave but if you want to drop those pasties and cakes around to me I’ll make sure I get them to work safely next week for you mate! 👍😀😷

I'll time it right so when I deliver, you're there mate.


£45 raised so far - with the flexi League matching that to make it £90! Not bad for a few hours :)

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57 minutes ago, St Darren said:

Hi Dave. My wife is the Charity manager at RCHT and they have to co-ordinate where everything goes. I can send you her contact details if you ping me a DM

That would be good mate. I've just increased the target as I've bee. Told nothing can be donated until this has all blown over, so I've increased the budget and now included all the Ambulance Depots aswell.

We've hit £279, plus with the WCFL matching it, it's now at £558 :)

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