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Just heard Mark Warburton come up with a great idea for finishing Cup competitions postponed due to Coronavirus :

IE : The F.A. Cup  -----  Put aside a week in the summer and play the Q/F on the Monday,the S/F on Wednesday and the Final on Saturday (World Cup style).

Or alternatively my personal idea : Q/F in Oct on the same weekend as the F.A Cup 4th Qual Round ,S/F in Nov on the same date as the F.A Cup 1st round and the Final in Dec on the same date as the F.A Cup 2nd round. This way the Final is still played in the correct calender year and you only have between 1-3 games to re-arrange,depending on how far the club goes.

Going back to the week in the summer,Euro 2020  will probably be cancelled,Wembley already has dates put aside for the Semi's & Final so there are your dates for the F.A Cup.

What does anyone think ?

Love to hear your suggestions !

' Up The Town '

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Interesting proposition  but a few rules would have to be temporarily suspended , the main one being players eligibility   after transfers . For instance some players will have transferred  to  a club in the latter stages of the competition but have already played for another team who were eliminated during the proper season . In short cup tied . 

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