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Cornwall Senior Cup semi final update - OFF INDEFINITELY!

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22 minutes ago, 100%cornish said:

Could make 200 all the supporters needing there footy fix me and Smokie Dog will be there for sure

I wont! 

3 hours ago, BIG AL said:

Less than 100.

If ever there was a chance for a rant Al

...this is it


Must be a reason for this game to be so far away the home clubs?


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45 minutes ago, Bazzer said:

Will the Cornwall FA  come to the aid of the Cornish clubs who will now be struggling with lack

of income, I doubt it as they have failed to come to Newquays aid following their substantial

damage to the clubhouse and subsequent loss of trade.

This is my personal opinion and not those of Newquay AFC

That's what insurance is for...not the CCFA

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