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Fixture congestion and league solutions

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This is a copy of the email that we have sent to all Duchy secretaries. I thought it would be an idea to copy it here so players can also see and understand the situation and how we are looking to resolve it.

Hello everyone, 
There is going to be significant fixture disruption in the coming weeks and months as the fallout of the adverse bad weather takes its toll. 
We are at a stage now were any postponed cup games are scheduled automatically the following week to ensure we don't have a backlog. This is in turn going to disrupt league fixtures. Where possible I am scheduling other league games but at times this isn't always possible due to pitch availability and teams having already played each other. We still have a round of quarter-final matches to slot in so there will be further changes to games already on the system.
We also have issues being at the bottom of the food chain as senior cancellations are taking pitch slot options off the table for games.
There is also the added burden that in 6-7 weeks the cricket season begins meaning quite a few teams are going to lose their home pitches so there is a necessity to amend fixtures where possible to get these games completed.
With Saturdays becoming extremely limited for games in an increasing number of cases I am looking to schedule as many of the longer distance games as possible to minimize travel for the inevitable midweek games.
It's a crazy time of year and it seems to be an endless list of new games to reschedule. 
To ensure we get all the games in as smoothly as possible can I ask you all to not take the scheduled fixtures as set in stone as there will need to be refinements each Sunday when the dust has settled from the Saturday games to make the relevant amendments.
Cheers all and good luck for the season 
Dan Code
Duchy League Fixtures Secretary


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Well done Dan Code, even with far fewer fixtures than were played during my day in administration you still have a difficult task and that statement to everyone involved is an excellent and comprehensive portrayal as to where the Duchy League stand. Other leagues/clubs/players at the lower end of the fixtures ladder should recognise that an identical statement would almost certainly suit them too! 

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I can only agree with all the replies about the job your doing Dan a thank less and down right hard job to get the fixtures sorted and arranged around the many problems encountered. Only a suggestion but should the knock out cup and Duchy League Cup revert back to individual round ties and not the group system for next season as this may free up a few Saturdays for some games? It's only a thought that this could help Dan 

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