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What a terrible game this was, Launseston, were a kick any where team, foul the other players as much as you can (five players booked) & hope the ref does not see it, it was truly a boaring match, Launceston had no intention of playing Football, & defended In vast numbers, to be fair Falmouth had many good chances to finish them off, but just could not break them down,

Falmouth must have been relieved to have scored to end the missery, because if it had gone back up to Launceston it would have been another boaring game,

without doubt the worse side to visit Bickland park all season,

any team that comes to Bickland park & plays real Football can be Guaranteed a good game,

Falmouth through out the years have always tried to play real good Football, Ask Truro City, St Blazey, Bodmin Suporters, always ding- dong games.

I would be happy if teams like Launceston never came to Falmouth again.

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I agree the game was pretty dire, but I think you are being a little unfair towards Launceston to suggest it was purely their fault for a disappointing cup tie! Ask yourself did it help by Town only playing one man upfront?

Launceston started the brighter : after 7 minutes Richard Hope had a volley not too far over the Falmouth cross-bar; two minutes later Lee Blatchford followed Hope's example with a long distance volley, but that one too went over.

Twenty minutes on the clock and Matt Andrew almost embarrassed Town's midfield when they lost possession in the middle of the park. The youngster showed the vision to spot Nathan Murphy off his line, but his lob ended up just over the bar, hitting the top of the net.

No doubt the game would have been completely different if just one of those efforts had gone in.

As the half went on Town did come into it. Aaron Cusack played a good one two with Andy Bowker, but a great timely block by John James, playing unusually in defence after a long spell out injured, prevented Cusack getting a close range shot in.

There was still time before the break for Bowker to shoot over; Aaron Cusack to fail to get a telling shot in when again assisted by Bowker, and then right on the whistle the busy midfielder had a shot on goal blocked.

Admittedly the second-half belonged to Falmouth in the way of possession, but they still failed to take advantage of this. The first five minutes after the break saw Neil Bettis heading a Jamie Morrison-Hill corner over; soon after that Matt Cusack rather too easily for my liking went down in the box looking for a penalty, followed by Morrison-Hill failing to seriously test Paul Hider, the Launceston 'keeper from less than 10 yards.

A half-chance went the way of Aaron Cusack, inches away from toeing in a Rob Francis long-throw, seconds later at the other end Ben Goldring had to head a Launceston right-wing cross off for a corner.

Launceston's second-half efforts on goal were admittedly few and far between, but I'm sure Hope, with about 11 minutes remaining, would have wanted to have finished off Sam Scott's cross better than skying it over first time!

Bowker responded by making a hash of a pull-back from A Cusack! 4 minutes from full-time and Morrison-Hill couldn't be any more accurate, his effort going even further wide. In stoppage time, I reckon Sam Davey's shot, was probably their first on target of the second-half!

So was extra-time any better? Much the same really, M Cusack headed over, then he failed to finish better after a good run into the left side of Launceston's penalty area. But probably the best chance of this first period of extra-time fell to Launceston. Davey broke through the middle of the Town back-line but Murphy was quick out of his box and did well blocking the striker's shot on goal without handling it.

Then, with a replay looking more than likely, Morrison-Hill got down the right flank and put in a more than telling cross that Aaron Cusack volleyed home. In the end a great goal that decided a game festooned with errors from both sides, not just Launceston, also not helped by some curious decisions from referee Stephen Paul.

I left with a gutted looking Launceston all sitting down in the centre circle no doubt wondering how they were hard done by through such a late goal; while in contrast Town were visually relieved to be in a Cornwall Senior Cup semi-final. A first for manager Steve Massey.

I had the pleasure to have ex-Town favourite Tommy Matthews sitting next to me,and you just know how bad a game is when you end up talking about a seagull who flew onto the pitch in the first half and picked up what we could only assume was a crisp packet!

But that's football all over isn't it! We'll both be back for a game somewhere next week! :D

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Hammers what are you on about? You must either be a very new Falmouth supporter or have a very short memory. That was a bad game, but that was 1 game in about the last 10 that we've played at Bickland. Since I've been at Launceston we've won most of the games at your place and they've all been entertaining games. Not forgetting beating you 2 - 0 and 4 - 0 this season.

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You and your stats Pidge!!!!! But seriously, Launceston Falmouth games are always entertaining and both teams normally play attacking football. Yesterday was a bad game but for Hammers to say "I would be happy if teams like Launceston never came to Falmouth again" is bullshit especially when it seems like he was at the Truro game anyway according to his post on their thread??!!

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Dave I'm sorry,

yes Launceston did have their chances, but on the whole they frustrated Falmouth by kick anwhere type of Football, you cannot truly say that Lauceston are a good Footballing side far from it,

get a good game of Football & Falmouth would have beaten them with no problems, Launceston were content from the outset to put Falmouth off their game,

they were simply not interested in trying to play a real game off Football, yes Falmouth misssed good chances, but at the end of the day Launceston dragged them almost down to their level, yes also the Ref was not always on top of the Game, maybe after so many fouls if he had sent a player off we would have had a better game, because as you know somtimes teams with ten men are harder to beat than Eleven men

I stick to my point in my book Launceston were by far the worst team to visit Bickland Park this season so far,

A very boaring team to watch

Hammers ^_^:unsure::c: :c:

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Hammers, thank you for your observations from Saturday's match. We were extremely dissapointed with our performance overall on Saturday and just did not give a true account of what we are capable of. This was probably due to our total lack of matches played since Boxing Day, due to the recent bad weather!! We were simply not comfortable and panicked in possession of the ball. Also we looked to play the long ball too often and needed to shorten our game up a lot more, which Falmouth were doing much better than us at times. I have never seen us concede so much possession.

Football is a bizarre game and on a couple of occasions this season opposition Manager's have referred to us as the best footballing side they have played, so I don't think you can read too much into one bad performance. Admittedly, you are entitled to your opinion and that is the beauty of football, but I find it unfortunate that you can bad mouth us on the back of one poor display.

Aaron Cusack and Jamie Morrison-Hill are good friends of mine and they would assure you that that was not a typical Launceston display. That said well done to Falmouth, great set of lads and I wish them all the best in the semi-finals.

Jon Dawe

Assistant Player Manager

Launceston AFC

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i have to admit i was at this game and i think it was a case of both sides playing terrible, it was DAWEFUL, i mean awful. i think it is totally unfair to just blame launceston, they are famous for their hard working ethic and great team spirit and on their day are up with the top sides. This was just a case of two teams having a very bad off day and was nicked by a goal at the end. i think jonh dawes match report is very honest and reflective and if anyone was at launceston when they beat falmouth 4-0 early on in the season, you would have seen some great football and great goals scored by them. i think the turning point was when the old manager for launceston brought himself on, this totally turned the game in favour of falmouth and i think even the launceston players got a little down hearted of the sight of their manager waddling on the field of play, and this really gave falmouth a lift - a fact echoed when his marker escaped him to score the winning goal.

I have heard that steve massey brings jaffa cakes, sweets etc for before the game......maybe he mixed it with mr kiplings slices??? and everybody certainly followed suit.

The only plus to come out of the game was the fact the spider will now have to fork out £40 in bets to falmouth players as he was that confident of keeping a clean sheet!!

every cloud...................................

p.s another terrible game by the ref - that steve paul bloke - the way he speaks to grown men will one day get him in trouble either on or off the field.....of that i am certain.

yours in sport


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I have no complaints about past games, Launceston have always been Falmouth's boggy team & we have seen great games,

But I am only talking about Saterday's game, & I stick to my point so far this season Launceston are the worse team to visit Falmouth,

& almost from the outset they were content with just being on the field & frustrating Falmouth & as I said almost draging them down to their level,

you only had to listen to the comments from other people at the match, & they were all of the same opinion as myself,

it was agreat relief when the final whistle was blown

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No complaints about Spider A very good keeper, but the team in front of him Saterday, were not a good advert for Launceston Football club, If it had been a different Ref, One of their players might well have got a red card, & in my view apart from the Keeper, let down the Manager & the club,

I went to that match fully expecting to see a very close game & a very good game, I did not see one, mostly because of the way the Lauceston players approached the game,


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I was at the game on sat and have been there for most of the home games this year and Launceston were a different side from when they beat falmouth 2 0 earlier in the season. They did look disjointed on sat as did falmouth and appeared to lack any real idea of what to do when going forward. Although falmouth lacked any real threat like that.

I see the launceston goal keeper is now in the cornwall squad couldn't have been judged on sat performance because he had little to do really and if im honest thought he could have done better with the goal. The ball didn't appear to have a great deal of pace on it. Bring back Sid Taylor for cornwall squad I say. And I also see there appeared to be some kind of bet reading waht Spider??? put on here. Is that illegal? some sought of match fixing??? They way the goal went in could be linked to that for sure. Reminds of certain liverpool and wimbledon keepers doing the same in the 90s. What was the bet a cup of oxo and a pasty????

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