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Guest Chris B

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Guest Helston Patriot

St Agnes 2 - 4 Helston

Scorers for Helston were:

Liam Eddy

Justin Miles

Brian Hawke

Kayne Trevaskis

Did Hazeldine a treat when he dived in!! And gave him a massive nipple cripple

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Cheers for that patriot, and that nipple cripple hurt, we were beat by a better team today, kayne upfront makes a huge difference.

At 2-1 we were on the up but Kayne used his strength to work an opening and kill the game,

Just got back from the game via the RAC tow truck, lucky the car was on the side of the road where i left it before the game. Cambelt gone and engine ruined, plus been stuffed by Helston, not a good day. :(

Good luck in the next round fella,

It has bruised by the way :angry2:

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What a result we were great today from start to finish. Back to early on in the season when we were hammering sides. The whole team were awesome including the subs and the attitude was spot on.Got to give a mention to Mitch took all the flack and very late tackles today bud WELL DONE! also Liam Eddy and Steve Hawke were great!!! We have had a few disruptions of late and now theyve gone and the squad is solid.

Aggie gave it their all and were physical and determind. But to be honest and I know Kimmo would not argue the fact it could and should have been alot more!!!

We are back and with a bang we have battled through over the last 6 weeks but if we can play like that we will do okay.

Take each game as it comes and the next game will be a good one I am sure!!!!!!




















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Guest Helston Patriot

When i said i did him i don't mean took him out, when he dived in on me i just "dinked" the ball over him and jump 3 foot high to avoid my leg getting broke! Yes i am proud i gave him a nipple cripple as it was a belter!

Got to mention that Bryan Hawkes goal was amazing! And T.V personality Al Murray coming on as a late sub for Aggie :lol:

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Helston were definitely the better side on the day, and overall obviously. But Aggie would have been dissapointed with the four goals conceded, with all of them coming from mistakes in the build up. Helston however should have scored more.

There was some firey tackles going in, ref was poor I thought, he booked players for nothing and then let other things go.

Thought Mitchy could have done better with Aggie's second goal Winno, but other than that he done well, didn't have a great deal to do though really.

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