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RAPPO & DEACS, Series 2, Episode 26 Friday, January 31 2020


00:47   Intro

2:45     Rappo’s Titbits

15:45   Cam Weldon (Truro City)

31:41   The RRL ECPL with Jon Colenzo 

42:23   Mystery Voice competition result

45:00   Rappo & the SPL

1:02:00 Jordan Annear (Tavistock & Cornwall)

1:12:30 The SWPL with Phil Hiscox (SWPL Sec)

1:28:35 Neil Slateford (Helston Athletic)

1:42:05 Tom Whipp (Bodmin Town)

1:55:14 Predictions

2:08:17 Justin Harrington (New Inn Titans)

2:30:30 Wrap Up!


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Sorry G2DO it’s like breathing to me! 🙄  I even say it to people I’ve never met! Even people phoning up trying to sell me stuff! Although Deacs has been a genuine mate for about 35 years so I don’t feel so bad saying it to him!! It was a New Years resolution to try and cut down but it doesn’t seem to be working!! 🤔

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