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:D Roche scored in the 1st minute but could not capitalise in the 1st half, and when Gerrans only attack resulted in a goal ,it as luck ,bad luck,Roches wave of attack continued and the evergreen Carl Paull was only thwarted by the excellent Gerrans goalie who was the man of the match,then going 2-1 down only inspired the home side to progress,and sure enough Roche equalised,but then immediately conceded a shite goal by way of a corner,at 3-2 there was plenty of time to rescue the match and when Matt Clements goal line effort flew 30 yards in the air we were waiting on the final whistle,Roche may be down in luck but we are still there,theres no white flag above my door,we will continue to the end.

In all the years ive been at Roche,when the going gets tough, we will get going.

Also heresay Gerrans played two players who sholuldnt have played,the boy Trudgian and Hayden Andrew,who knows.The ref has informed his concerns to the Duchy League,i cant say to much because my name is dung.

Roche are: Steve Rowe,Chris Arnold,Shaun Trudgeon,Craig Tamblyn,Matt Willcocks,Shane Buckingham,Richard Higgins,SteveMasters,Jon Gotel,Carl Paull,Andrew Geach,Ross Julian,Ryan Lean,Matt Clements,Karl Rance,Ross Burnett and Paul Jollife

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Week St Mary 5 - 1 Biscovey

Watched Week St Mary V Biscovey, Week should have been 5-0 up in 20 mins but couldn't convert point blank chances, Biscovey's attacking formation left them vunerable on the quick break. The Biscovey keeper did a lot of brave sweeping for his defenders and deserved a bit more protection for his efforts. 3-0 at half time, Biscovey came out with more fight second half and got one back early on but Week were generally in control throughout, the final score of 5-1 could have been far more. However regardless of the score it was good to see two teams playing good football in February on a pitch that got heavier towards the end. I suggest people keep an eye on this league as the top five are going to fight it out to the end and from what I've seen the football is a lot better than the higher Duchy leagues.


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Stig again you talk alot of sh-t, the referee has no jurisdiction. He his the man in charge of all the ground facilities and players until he leaves the ground.

The home team in question were aware of a player registered for another club playing for the opposition team. They also realised a banned player was also playing for the opposition.

What if the players concerned injured or got injured seriously during the game..... does the referee say nevermind you weren't supposed to be playing. If any player was injured in a way the game couldn't continue i.e ambulance required.. isn't the referee supposed to make a report as too why the game wasn't finished

We are in society expecially sport where winning is everything, but we have a duty to protect players from clubs and individuals from cheating the game we love so much.


Stand back Stig and get your head out your ar-se

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Yes Postie you are correct... but in this case the referee who was local knew one of players was a player playing for another team. He duly reported it after the game to the Duchy League.... who came back to say get the secretary to write a letter of complaint and some proof and we will deal with it.

What happens if he gets injured or injures someone.... (insurance wise)

If the referee knew it before kick off why should the secretary who 9 times out of 10 isn't there have to prove it in writing.

I had it happen to me before in the duchy league and it never got past the letter written because they had no evidence even though a player from my team went to college with the player giving a false name.

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