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Penalty shoot outs

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I heard the tail end of story on the Radio this week where a suggestion to overcome the debacle of penalties which determine major cup finals.

After ninety minutes a penalty shoot out would take place which would give one team an advantage into extra time.

If no team won the game in extra time the advantaged team would be declared winners.

This I gather would make for more action in extra time without both teams sitting on the lottery of a shoot out.

Did any one else hear of this and is it being adopted for trials anywhere?

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I remember a suggestion from years ago that for extra time both teams loose 2 or 3 players to make the game more open and more of a chance of getting a result. Players to come off (apart from keeper) were to be drawn by lot.

In those days it was easier as shirts were always numbered 1-11 not these stupid squad numbers. AH! the good old days.

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Well they could still put their shirt numbers into a hat, and say the opposition captain draws out a name of opposing teams hat, and that player comes off. Could even do so every 5 minutes or so, or even the managers draw numbers in front of thr 4th official so that the game carries on until the ball goes out of play, then hold up the substitution board of the player that is going to come off.

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I think I can see the reasoning-

One team might hang on to their advantage but the other would have to commit for the whole 30 minutes of extra time.

At least it would be a contest.

What usually happens now is that extra time fizzles down to a boring period where both teams are afraid to over attack in case of losing a cup final and are prepared to play down time to the penalty shoot out.

I suppose the mentality is that we havn't given away the Cup Final and can start all level for the lottery of a Penalty contest.

For a neutral supporter the penalties can be great entertainment but isn't it much more acceptable to the authorities and competing clubs to have it settled in open play?

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Oh come on people, cant you all see its a stupid idea. :SM_carton:

The penalty shootout (although heart-breaking) is a tried and tested way of deciding a cup fixture. Its better then playing more than one (or any) replays and certainly more fair than the old pre-1970's method of tossing a coin to decide the winner. :angry2:

To the people who make these decisions and rule-changes, LEAVE OUR GAME ALONE!!! :c:

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I think both teams should be made to put their head on the broomstick,spin round 20 times,including the keepers and then take the penalties. Now thats entertainment. ;0) :clapper:

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