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137 years late.

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On the 11 th. November 1871 the Royal Engineers FC were drawn at Home to Reigate Priory FC in the !st. Round of the F A Cup.

It was the inaugural season of the FA Cup competition and was the two clubs first ever F A Cup match.

The result was a walkover for the Royal Engineers with the reason lost in the mists of time.

This year on the 23rd. March 08 the two teams have arranged to replay this tie after 137years at the Park Lane Sports Ground-Riegate.

It will be played for the aid of the Childrens Trust Charity and I understand a match programme will be printed with a team photo of both teams at the time on the cover.

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Surrey. In any case how can anyone say this was the first match played when in fact it didn't take place. I assume when the two teasm arrive they will look at each other and say Naaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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