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Our new Radio Station at Tregorrick(St Austell Rugby Club) is looking to provide a Football element into its live Rugby broadcasts on a Saturday and invites content from us all.

They broadcast on 105.6 FM and website is http://www.rsab.org/ Tel. 01726 65566

Although it will not be County wide it can be heard online,so maybe we could show a bit of interest and maybe even help.

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Unfortunately it is another Radio Rugby station. Why on earth should anyone bother. The BBC bosses have made their decision and that I'm afraid is the end of it I listen regularly to the station to hear tiny snippets of football info but I have to listen to wall to wall rugby or Truro City. What a waste of time.

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Guest Postie Pidge

Would people around the St Austell area really be interested in how Titans got on against Newlyn Non Athletic Reserves? (No disrespect to either club).

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Guest postman pat

postie pidge every team has to start somewhere.without the lower leagues football would not have an outlet for the many players and officials who cannot play or dont want to play senior football. :SM_carton_y:

although we dont get mentioned on the radio we are just as passionate about our league.as a club titans reports go in the west briton every week win lose or draw.any good publicity we can get for our club can only help towards our ambitions, which are to progress up the leagues like any other club.we have players and supporters who have to go away for what ever reason that is why our results go on the soccer forum.

please dont treat our clubs as poor cousins we are all part of the football community :c:

this is not a rant just a passionate plea :smiley20:

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The Radio Station mentioned above is actually called Radio St Austell Bay, and can be heard on online at:


They are a community Radio Station and I listened to their broadcast during the early hours when it's probably unmanned and they played some good music too.

No doubt they will get around to local football in due course but I think that St Austell FC and others in the immediate area will benefit from their broadcasts.

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