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I'd just like to take the opportunity to welcome back a much missed and valuable member of this forum. Truro's Mr Mourinho is a man of integrity who is happy to join in the banter that a few of us enjoy on this facility and he will also gladly speak up if there is something that he doesn't agree with etc etc.

Lets just hope that the "brainless tool" that was responsible for Truro's Mr Mourinho feeling that he'd rather not use this forum stays away or keeps his mouth shut. Mr M, I cannot speak for everybody but my personal opinion is that you are and always will be most welcome on the Cornish Soccer Forum and I'm extremely pleased that you've decided to return from the wilderness.

Also Mr M, I'm sorry if you're offended that I've put this topic in the "Non-Cornish" section BUT that way none of the "old sticklers" that would feel the need to complain about posting in the main discussion board can have anything to moan about.

Truro's Mr Mourinho, "WELCOME BACK" :c::yahoo: :thumbsup:

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I agree with the sentiments here but wonder which meaning of legend is being used?


• noun 1 a traditional story popularly regarded as historical but which is not authenticated. 2 an extremely famous or notorious person: a screen legend. 3 an inscription, caption, or key.

• adjective very well known. ...

Take your pick chairman, my personal opinion is a mixture between "number 2 Noun" and the adjective..

Hope I've answered your question?.

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