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Jean Nettle - Camborne Lions.

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It is with much sadness that I inform you that Mrs Jean Nettle, beloved wife of John, and mother of Paul, who ran the outstanding former Camborne Lions boys teams in years gone by, has passed away at the age of 84. The funeral will be held this coming Friday at 1:45pm ( the 8th of February ) at Camborne Church.

It is impossible to guage what this outstanding family of three gave to football here in Cornwall . The list of players that moved on to the ranks of the South Western League and beyond is incalculable, though it is without doubt that it would only have been a very small number had they not passed through the incredibly skilled and dedicated hands of John & Paul.

This was all done at considerable expense to themselves and with no thanks ever asked or expected. It was done purely for the love of the game and for what they could give to the aspiring young players. Behind them of course all the time was Jean. Always in full support of her husband and son, and a mother figure to all the boys and a kind and good friend to the Parents.

Therefore I would ask that anyone, either parent, player or otherwise who were connected to the Club , to attend the service this coming Friday to give our support to John ( who himself is not a well man ) and Paul at this very sad time. I'm sure it would mean an awful lot to them.

A full Church at least would be a fitting tribute to a family that has given so much to our Cornish football community.

Please spread the word.

Thank you.

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its come as a shock to hear that jean has passed away. i know jean,john and paul very well, although not seen them for while, as jean used to work as barmaid with my gran at camborne british legion and camborne rugby club. she was quite a character and will definately be sadly missed. r.i.p. jean.

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